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About Us

Century Global Services is the name given to the IT division of RAD365.

Century Global Services bestows technology consultancy to esteemed clients through a mixture of state-of-art, cutting edge business reengineering process, project delivery and value-added services. We provide objective and analytics support with the vision of business optimization and Revenue enhancement through behavioral BI.

Century Global Services is changing the way that Enterprise software is delivered. We have gathered the best and brightest software development and web development practitioners and serve our clients through a mixture of state of art, cutting edge technology consultancy, business re engineering, project delivery and value-added services.

We are considered as one of the Best Web Design companies which provides SEO Web Design Consultancy with Creative Website Design.


We were early adopters of Agile methods and have adapted them to build and deploy enterprise-level applications as well as distributed packages.

We foster building next generation automation process that embraces the recent advancement in the industry. Our mission is to transform the way software is delivered, taking advantage of the latest technologies and optimizing the value being delivered to the business.


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